Bottles and Badges Shooter's Support Green to Blue
Bottles and Badges Shooter's Support Green to Blue
LEPSN Hotline

888-91-LEPSN (888-915-3776)

Call for assistance - A trained peer counselor is standing by!

Critical Incident Stress Management

What is CISM?

Regional and National CISM Teams

Police Suicide Information

Every year in America many more cops die by their own hand than are killed in the line of duty.  Know the facts and learn how to help your brothers and sisters.  Most police officers show signs and symptoms prior to committing suicide.  Know what to do and how to help!  Click here for more information.

PTSD Information

Know that the key to recovering from PTSD is early detection, intervention and appropriate counseling.  Your are not alone! Click here for more information.

Helpful Links

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The Law Enforcement Peer Support Network is a fellowship of men and women in law enforcement that have come together to assist police officers in moments of crisis and when peer support is needed.

Peer support is not a replacement for the other professional resources that are available.  Peer support occurs when people provide knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical help to each other. 

Click here to access an article by Lou Campione.


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Information on Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) officers, who to contact, and when depending on region is accessible here.


Helpful videos can be found here.


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